Happy New Year

4 years ago

We spent the end of the year wrapping up several new community features. The new search bar, restaurant card overlays, places to try, and re-designed profile page are labors of love for us as developers. There is a long list of features that we hope to add this year as well as sending out many more membership invitations. Finding a great restaurant shouldn't be hard, so we hope that our users love using our site as much as we enjoy working on it. Thank you to all our beta community members, your feedback is invaluable to our mission.

Beta Invitations

4 years ago

As we prepare to release our web app, we are sending invitations for users to try our community features. The Beta program will provide critical feedback and help prioritize features as we add them to the site. We appreciate the help to make Restronauts the best place to find new and exciting restaurants. If you want to participate in the Beta, please contact one of our developers and we’ll send you an invitation code.

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